what am i doing wrong? :(

  • hey guys,after vaxman sent me 3 coins to get started (thank you once again!!!) i managed to set the name -1 coin
    and after i tried to set recipient on pool burstcoin.ro from the default pools.did it a couple of times but i kept getting an error there. -1 coin
    i went on their page and set the reward recipient successfully -1 coin
    so i guess 3 coins were sufficient to get me started
    the miner started running lalala for 3 hours and i never got past the :

    "new block xxxxxx basetarget xxxx netdiff xxxx th
    "thread d:/ xxxxx
    "hdd wake up

    i installed the hdneversleep software and set it on 5 mins on the drive i have the plot to try and resolve this

    in the end all i saw on my wallet was the -3 coins from the setup

    so my questions are :

    1 why i could not set up the reward recipient from the wallet (maybe its done already?) i see it as set on the miner window

    2 do i need a coin every time i start mining on a pool?

    3 why i don not get a green line confirmation ever? do i need to let it for a day or something to get any update?

    i started with a 500gb plot to test this thing going up to 10TB if i get any slight result that all is working,meaning that all it would be left would be to upgrade my TB capacity to mine more,but i cant order a thousand dollar worth of HDD's without knowing all is set.

    Thank you for the time to read this post and for your help in advance!!!

    Merry Christmas !!!!

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    1. You were probably trying against a not fully synced wallet.
    2. No, only need the one coin to set the initial reward assignment.
    3. Your plot is probably too small, until you increase capacity look for a pool that accepts longer deadlines.

  • wow i actually started getting some green lines after an hour or so 🙂
    so i guess issues are resolved !
    occasionally i get the hdd wake up message but i guess its nothing to worry about right?

    as i see on pool.burstcoin.ro webpage : Payout 4 times per day on first block hit after 7AM 11AM 5PM 11PM Romania time minim 50 Burst.

    which means i need to hit 50 Burst to get a deposit on the wallet?

  • Dont worry about the hhd wake up messages that just means the block time is a little longer than normal. 😉

  • @tminer0315
    as i have seen i get some green lines here and there.point is that i am mining on http://pool.burstcoin.ro/

    and from their interface is really difficult for me to find my id and see if and what i am earning.also found burst4all.com which is set on max 1Tb miners so for me starting now sounds kinda cool,problem is i dont have the 1 coin to change if i do not get any payouts from what i am mining since this morning and i cant find out where to see that.

  • How long have you been mining? In order to get a payout you pool needs to mine a block while you have a deadline to get "credit" if you will for mining, then you probably should try to find out how often payouts are for your pool, them may be once a week or every block.
    Hope this helps.

  • @tminer0315 almost 2 days now,i get smthing like 0_1514389468822_ab9fa396-d307-4872-84e8-430a36f8c602-image.png

    managed to get here so far,i do not know how to figure what i am getting and how often

  • 500 gb is not going to earn much burst! Now if you get lucky and forge a block well youll get paid nicely. Your on track, Green letters--- found dl, blue letters -- sent dl to pool, light green letters.. ofcourse pool confirmetd your dl.
    You want more DL's you need more HD. but you got it

  • @tminer0315 all green and blue lines indicate that i am getting something right?

    i wish i knew what i have mined so far , do you happen to know how can i do that?
    to see for example that so far i mined 1 coin and i need xxx number till i can have them sent on my wallet/.? i do not mind the quantity of coins i generate,i like the concept of it compared to other coins mining and will eventually go up in HDD space