Blockchain do download stop on block 433336

  • Hi please I ned help with me wallet Qubundle v. 1.6 Burstcoin wallet 1.3.6cg. I have win 10 64 bit. Aftzer instal strat wallet on sinchronization block. wallet go 3 days and very long time. Ansver from forum Burst open import and push. it will be on e few hours all. No me wallet stop on block 433336 date 6.12. And thats all no sinchronization.
    Help me please. Thank you.

  • Please try the rollback chain option found under Wallet->Advanced. use default values. If that does not solve the issue you have to redownload or import the chain anew.

  • I will check it and I'll let you know

  • And I must roolback all wallet or maybe 100 block.