The Dymaxion... wait for it...

  • ... Layer!!!

    For anyone waiting for it to come out... It has already?! šŸ˜‰

    Complete heritage tree:

    I started getting throught it and it seems a really good read... At first glance I liked the concept but still a lot to read and understand...

    I just have one question for @PoC_Consortium (at least for now): Is this ready to launch or just the idea/whitepaper? Please understand that I am still at point 3 of the good reading you guys just released... hahahah

  • @gpedro new whitepaper I have to read? cant wait. lol I'm just kidding, they are probably hyping out a idea, they are working on right now?

  • @hidevin its a good read very big ideas they are planing on . whitholding my thoughts till i can read it agin with no interuptions from kids lol.

  • @hidevin I had a look at the Whitepaper and didnt understand a single word, word!

    But the graphics looks awesome.. :-0

  • @marc ( basically whats in my mind rn ) had to like look up every single word I didn't know, lol

  • 3 months of power bubble building up about the dyxmaxicon.. then all comes out is a power puff fart?

  • @marc the whitepaper talks about the Dymaxion Layer and explains it wich is a lightning network for Burst in a shape of a Tangle instead of a blockchain, meaning new tangles can be created each block and closed in the same block or at some point in the future... Also talks about variable block and transaction fees reduction, increase in tx per block without increase in block size...
    It also explains in some good detail what happened with the transation spam of July, PoC2 and PoC3 mining algorithms, wich includes in the plans a mining algorithm that can at the same time be mining and be a part of a collaborative democratic cloud to wich I'd like to call "The Burst of the World Library" when it comes out... This PoC3 is something they will only start working on after Dymaxion is fully implemented, although I had the impression that the majority of what is wrote in the whitepaper is ready to launch at this moment...

  • @gpedro

    Cool whitepaper, just hope everything turns out the way the paper reads. I prolly missed it, but is there a timeline when all this stuff will be implemented?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @socalguy Well not announced at least I think... I asked that in the top thread to @PoC_Consortium but no response yet but in the whitepaper they say and I quote:
    The Burst Dymaxion is not only the most significant update to the Burst cryptocurrency, it is the biggest technological update any cryptocurrency has ever received. Each of the components features a full outstanding protocol feature by itself, so establishing the Dymaxion as a whole needs to be done as an incremental process, split up into several separate CIPs:
    ā€¢ adding ring signatures library
    ā€¢ adding zk-SNARKs library
    ā€¢ adding parts of the IOTA iri
    ā€¢ adding ACCT (ACTT) templates
    As mentioned earlier, all of these components are already in place, and some may be at the time of the publication part of the BRS repository. The integration and enabling of these features will be subject to a community-approved roadmap defined by block-height and adoption rate (percentage of supporting wallets in use) for the features as described in section 5.2.
    Also the features themself will be establishen in an incremental process. While there is support for all major consensus algorithm types, only PoC - as already present - will be enabled in the first instance of the Dymaxion."

  • "enabling of these features will be subject to a community-approved roadmap"

    Well, I hope them all the best. IMO getting a community-approved roadmap will be hard to do. Last time I was active, the community was split into different groups. Also, there was some discussions of a fork and or creating an entirely new coin.

    Got a lot of catching up to do. šŸ™‚

  • @socalguy I believe it can happen... No non sense discussions for some time now and PoCC is kind of impartial on that because they are in here for the tech, not hype. At least that's what it appears to me tbh...

  • @socalguy the "other" Group has just announced that they wont promote Burst anymore, check out AG last posting over there.

    Asset will run , but no more Promotion etc.

  • Being here for the tech and not hype is a good sign. Ultimately the tech will bring people in. Not the feuding. Also, promoting Burst is easy to do. It becomes very easy if the tech is amazing.

    I made this back in July and it still holds true today.

    alt text

  • @socalguy If the phat phuck really is leaving the coin this day should be declared as the official Burst Coin years celebration day...

  • Would be the best thing for the coin if he would quit. Quit while your ahead lol cause I got a feeling he is about to get shit on and he knows it.

  • And the (rough) roadmap:

    CG-Wallets are slightly over 60% now:

    On a personal note, we would also like to add, that although certain people decided to stop their "promotional activities" for Burst, there is no need for malice and similar.
    The PoCC members certainly don't feel the need and the most prevailing thing right now is grave responsibility.

    We have a ~$100M currency right now and we will get it to the top10. Surely base motives are the last ingredient we need on that path.