HOW TO - Plot on network drives with xplotter

  • Motivation
    When you want to plot on a network ressource like your network attached storage (NAS) you can't
    use the inbuild plotter from the aio wallet. Your first idea ist to plot everything on a local drive and move the files to your external storage but you don't have enough space locally and you don't want to create all the chunks by your own.
    Related to the Error 'setfilevaliddata-error-code-87' and my topic here.

    I came up with this piece of code as .bat file.

    @setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
    @cd /d %~dp0 
    set /a start = 0
    set /a chunk = 126379
    for /l %%x in (1, 1, A) do (
       	XPlotter_avx.exe -id B -sn !start! -n %chunk% -t C -path c:\plot -mem DG
    	move c:\plot\*.* y:\files
    	@set /a start = !start! + %chunk%
    	echo !start!

    Let me explain the variables I used and you have to take care of:

    • start - The nonce you want to start (Is it your first plot choose 0)
    • chunk - The portion of nonces you want to bundle together in one file
    • A - How many bundles you want to create
    • B - Your Burst numeric id
    • C - The amount of cpu cores you wanna use
    • DG - The amount of memory you want to use with the appending character G

    You have a 1TB disk in the network and you have to check first how much bytes are available. In my case this number is: 999.982.993.408 Bytes.
    With this knowledge take a look at this Google spreadsheets.

    The green cells are the ones you have to focus on. You should see the amount of free space under the cell named 'TotalUsable'. In this example I have localy around 100GB free space so I put the amount of 'ShunkMax' to it. Now you have to check the row id where the 'BytesLeft' are negativ.

    The variable is the ID-2. In this case the ID is 10. To achieve the most usage of your disk space make sure the row one above the nagative one is very low. You can play around with the 'ShunkMax' variable.

    Last but not least take the value under 'Stepwide in nonces' as chunk in the .bat script and change the paths c:\plot and y:\files to your needs.

    Run it as admin and keep cool while it plots and moves everything for you.

    Questions? Just sent a text! Donations here: BURST-EWPW-5VWC-DEEW-6QHQS