• Hello everyone.

    Sorry for my abrupt absence. I got deeply involved with a PC game called ARK. I'm still involved with it and have my own little server to carebear all I want on it. That game was fun and I am also tied to two other maps. There are like ten of us still active on the servers and some of us are joining up with a pvp group to cause a little havoc.

    I know some of you are like,
    alt text

    but for those few of you that care, I am kinda back.

    As some of you know the pool.party is shut down. I know it was shitty of me to not let anyone know and I apologize for it. That damn game sucked me in and my funds went dry. I don't plan to start it up the pool again unless it's deeply needed. Last time I was here there were more pools than shitposting. There is still coins in the wallet from the pool and I am not sure if they belong to anyone. I need to check with haitch.

    I will be slightly active again on this forum. I am deeply out of sync with crypto and Burst and need to read up on things again.

    That's it for now. Thanks for reading...

  • @socalguy lol the ark effect i was on the top 100 europe (survival of the fittest ;))

  • Welcome back @socalguy ! Glad you survived...!-)

  • @socalguy Glad we have you back buddy?!?!
    I missed your GIFs man ahahahah

  • This post is deleted!

  • @harrygon Nice. Still waiting to join up with the others to add to the cannon fodder lol.

    While I waited for the person that will bring me in, I read some post and tamed another dino. This one was a liquefied Stego on a mod map.

    alt text