Question on Plot Files

  • For plot files, if you start on one pool and decide to switch to another, do you have to replot your drive or will the same files work?

    Also, do plot files run out / expire to where you have to do them again?

  • @compncards ,

    no and no

  • the only thing you ever need to keep track of with plot files is witch nonces you have used , if
    you make a plot file and then buy another HDD and want to make another plot file you need to
    plot differant nonce's , if using the built in plotter on one of the bundle wallets for the most
    part it will decide what starting nonce you should be on but if you want to keep a list for your
    self i recomend doing that all you need to do is locate the plot files and read name. plot file
    name will look like this ( 7067440560499039456_103291846_19075400_19075400 ) first
    number is numerical account number , second is the starting nonce number in this plot , third
    is the total number of nonces contained in the plot, last is the stagger witch is only importain
    to learn about if trying to use GPU ploter or you need to Optimise plots. you will need to add
    the second number and the third number together to figure out what the last nonce number in
    the plot is. for the plot above it contains nonces from 103,291,846 - 122,367,246 if i was to
    create another plot i would start at 122,367,246 or any number larger than this number plots
    do not need to be in consecutive order but i perfer to skip 1 nonce betwen each plot and keep a running list of plot files it make it easy to keep track my next plot would start at nonce number 122,367,247

  • i have 2 rigs each with its own wallet mining on the same pool. one pc has plots starting with 0 to 5 and the second has plots starting with 6 to 9.
    2 things i need to know.

    1. does it matter if my first pc start plotting into the same # as my second pc (each is a different wallet) so for example does each wallet have a different plot for the # 103,291,846 - 122,367,246 or am i just going to have repeating plots?
    2. Once I use up all #s 0 - 999,999,999 do i start the next plot at 1,000,000,000?

  • admin

    @peterskrzyniarz for a single account you don't want plots overlapping, it's just wasted space. It doesn't matter about the wallet - you're mining against the pool, not you local wallet.

    1. Yes. Each starting nonce # should be greater than previous starting nonce + number of nonces.

    I stagger mine at 50M nonces, so 0, 50M, 100M, 150M, 200M .......

  • yes for a single account you dont want them overlapping. But what about same plot #s but on 2 different accounts. Now there is no overlapping because they are 2 different account but am i sending in repeating info just from 2 different accounts or each account with the same plot is actually different values being sent in.
    I hope i dont sound crazy.

  • admin

    @peterskrzyniarz If they use the same numeric ID, it's the same account, if it's different numeric ID's, no over lap and no problem.

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