Deadline and blocks

  • I have read in the FAQ that the deadline is the time you take to forge one block... so I understand that the smaller it is, the better it is.

    But I have read someone says: "If i can deliver a deadline of 39sec after 1s ... the round will be over, before you can commit your 15s deadline after 1min."

    Can someone explain that to me ?

  • @nonobrutale1090 , not quite,

    try this,

    "If i can deliver a deadline of 39sec within 1 min ... the round will be over, before you can commit your 15s deadline after 1 min."

  • Still not I am afraid :s

    There must be something I missed... If dealine = block then you deliver a block of 39 seconds in 1 min. Can you elaborate a little bit ?

  • I found a post where you are talking about this

    I will read this tomorrow, I am too exhausted now.

    Last one, do you recommend buying a graphic card and mine with the GPU instead of GPU ? I have read the the diffenrece is quite substential. I am using the built-in card from my gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H, so as of now I am rather thinking of using CPU.

    If I had to buy one, does the speed really makes the difference between a top rank graphic card GPU and a no name or the diffenrece is immaterial ?

  • @nonobrutale1090 , the difference is not "quite substantial". I have used both CPU and GPU, from 16TB mining to over 200TB and I currently use CPU. GPU gives me about the same times nominally, but I feel the GPU is less reliable. I would have to periodically have to restart the GPU program, but the Blago CPU miner is rock solid. Also, Blago CPU can scan and submit for multiple accounts on the same machine, not just one account like Jminer requires.

  • Sorry to insist but what's the point of matching the pool requirement, optimizing your plots, and investing in a big HDD if it's to later join the 2nd ranked pool since they will never win any round? Is there a mechanism that will ultimately allow the miners from smaller pool to earn something?

  • admin

    @nonobrutale1090 Any miner can win a block - big pools with lots of miners will win more frequently, but miners in smaller pools can and do win blocks, and in smaller pools your reward will be larger. Over the long term your earning will be approximately the same whatever pool you join.

  • Ok it's getting a little bit more clear now even though it's not completely crystal clear.

    I found this which gives a better idea, I will start mining tomorrow so going through the steps to setup the plot file, optimizing it and start mining should help as well. If not, I will earn burst anyway 🙂

    Btw, I just purchased 10'000 coins today on Poloniex.

    I have chosen this disk: Seagate IronWolf 8TB, any feedback about it ?