New to Burst - Is the Qbundle save? There seems a lot of sites to be around burst?

  • Hello.

    I started to come closer to Burst yesterday, and I've got the feeling, that I am loving it already. At the moment I am setting up my first wallet and mining HDD - which takes some time ... :-). After starting on - which was very confusing, I landed on, which gae a simple basis to stat with the Qbundle. When looking for a good pool to start I ve found a pool overview which directed me here. So I wonder, if I have been doing the right thing so far or if I should start over.

    My main concern is the question: is the Qbundle 1.6 from burst-coin org a save basis to work with?

    Another question is, how I will get activated for logging in? I registered with specific credentials and got the message that my registration is been quede. Thats nice but not very informativ. Therefore I logged on using my twitter account. Will I get the other registration approved?


  • admin

    @alexanderhoehne Yes, the Qbundle is safe to use.

    currently email notification of approved status is disabled, but you've been approved and can login with the credentials you provided.

  • Thank you!