What to do with the earned Burst?

  • Hi. Iam mining now for 2 weeks and it's really fun. Now that I mine my first burst I ask myself what to do with them to get more profit in the future. My plan is the following:

    • hold 25% of my mined coins
    • invest 25% in burst-assets
    • change 25% to other coins and hold them
    • payout the remaining 25% in fiat

    So I would like to know how the more experienced miner handle this. And as amazing I think burst is, I don't want to bet my whole earnings on it. 🙂

  • @piezo Looks like you've discovered and have a plan in place to turn your silver into gold.

  • I've been thinking along the same lines. Bitcoin has halved, which actually appears to mean that it could more than double in value. so.....

    Whilst I think Burst could be a cash cow in the future, I also don't want to miss holding some of my most meagre amount of bitcoin for investment. Bitcoin is tried and true and all that.

    But Bitcoin is nowhere near as exciting to me as Burstcoin is, especially given the 'green' way of mining it.

    I'd love to hear ideas from people who are waaaaay more familiar with the whole process to chip in and share their ideas here. hint hint hint to all the knowledgeable peeps

    I'm looking for the exact same advice as you are. so, if you don't mind, I'll just plonk myself in the corner there and pounce on any advice people may care to share.

    Great question!