32 TB, 3U, 150W RAID, 500 €, plotted to your spec ! many available

  • OFFER:

    I have several 32 TB Raids units available.
    (Fibrechannel to Sata, 3U, 150W, PCIe FC HBA + cabling included).

    Formatted to your specification (ntfs/win, hfs/mac, ext234fs/linux, zfs/, xfs/, ...)
    and plotted fully optimized.

    Location is in Germany, shipping abroad might be prohibitively expensive due to weight (~25 kg).

    500 € ea. plus shipping.

  • admin

    @vaxman Great price, but shipping here would be unrealistic unfortunately.

  • @haitch if you take a shipping pallet with 8 units (shipping approx. ~600 €) it is not too much per unit. But I'd have to build a crate for that, I have some experience with surface and air shipments across the world.

  • admin

    @vaxman I'm sure it's doable, but that's in excess of my budget at the moment .... Maybe a reconsideration in the new year. Got tech specs for the setups ?

  • @haitch I'm travelling and don't have the exact product numbers at hand, will post them here on Tuesday.

    Infortrend Raid units,
    16 slots, populated with 16x 2 TB Hitachi or Seagate drives, drives are 4 years old.
    Single Raid Controller, dual 4 GBit Fibrechannel Host Ports, 2 GiB RAM
    serial and ethernet (telnet) Console, graphical Java interface available
    dual power supplies

    Host bus adapters are Qlogic Quad or Dual Port 4 GBit Fibrechannel.

    I also have a number of dual-controller (fully redundant, seamless hand-over on failure, active-active possible for different redundancy groups) units, but these are at 250W minimum AND quad 2 GBit/s FC.

    But the bandwith is sufficient for Burst mining anyway.

  • just 6 4 single-controller units left;

    Infortrend A16F-G2422, (16 slot, 16x2TB, 2x 4 Gb FC)

    and 4 each of dual-controller models;

    A24F-R2224 (24 slot, 24x2TB, 4x 2 Gb FC)
    A16F-R1430 (16 slot, 16x2TB, 4x 2 Gb FC)

    all units have 2 GiB RAM per Controller.

  • <shameless self- marketing>

    I'd say last chance to add 256 TB to your mining setup !
    You need one or two PCIe x8 slots, this storage runs hassle-free even on Windows !