Urgent Help me! mining reward

  • I am mining at 30 hours with 930GB HD (1TB) and received no burst as described in the calculator.

    The pool I am mining is: burstmining.club

    I'm just testing if it works out, I want to get in with 50TB.

    Can anyone tell me the recommendations for 930GB and for 50TB?

  • @flamerbtc said in Urgent Help me! mining reward:


    This pool only accepts deadlines under 24 hours. You will rarely find a deadline under that time frame, basically not a good pool for you, due to your size.

    I would recomend finding a pool that accepts larger deadlines. I currently mine at 0-100.burst-team.us:8080

    Which accepts deadlines up to 4 months. you will find it much better for you, although the payouts are only paid out every 14 days or 500 burst, so you will be waiting awhile for your first payout.