just a few quick questions

  • currently plotting my first 2 drives.

    first time plotting, so im not sure if everything is good. i am 2.5 days in and would hate to restart 😛

    here are the 2 file names.


    also, is it safe to assume its creating 15.2 mil nonces? (im currently hitting 9 mil according to the command window) and im getting impatient xD

    any extra info you wanna throw my way will help, I've done a lot of forum hopping recently so im soaking up a lot of new information 🙂

    thanks all for your time, I hope to start mining soon.


  • Good morning!

    The file structure you displayed looks fine, and the stagger start for each drive looks good. I assume each drive is 4 TB's. What Cpu you using to plot? and what kind of drives are you plotting?

  • Core i5-6500K

    Fantom Drives GreenDrive 4TB

    doing it over USB though, i plan on using the E-Sata here soon. just have to order the part.

    im running both plots at the same time, the cmd window shows about 7K/min when im not using the PC.

    i was going to try GPU plot (gtx960) but already started the CPU plot lol.

  • for a quick comparison, i use a i5-4460 which is basically the same cpu. (correction i missed the 6500k- yours is slightly faster) It averages me 4 days per 8 tb's to plot. The drives i have plotted are all Seagate SMR drives which take forever to directly plot to, so i plot to internal 2 TB drive and then copy it over.

    But it sounds like your plotting is going as expected if your at 2 days and halfway there!