Rig Recomendation for Max results given the timeline for Dymaxion take over

  • I figure we got about a year if we are lucky to mine all we can get. Is there an efficient size for a 100GB miner processor and set up?
    Is it worth investing into a GPU just to plot these drives faster. Damn, this is slow. LOL!
    I need some gear recommendations to fill my dreams now. I have 2 miners running on old PCs plotting 3200 nonces a minute, YAWN!
    I'm willing to spend $2,500 up front and then add drives as I get them. Your expert guidance is greatly appreciated!

  • mining will be as usual after dymaxion for aswell.

  • this dymaxion movement does it mean new mining software, plots etc

  • Yes, There will be updated plotters and Miners that support the new PoC2 fileformat together with current PoC fileformat. Since the data is backwards compatible with current system. The only thing that will hapen untill one replot/optimize to PoC2 is that you read 2x amount of data or have a bit more seek time.

  • cool something new to play with maybe get a few upvotes helping others with what I learn