Hey!! What happened to my asset?? - Why am I paying the price of "Politics"??

  • Okay, What the hell?? - Quite frankly, you guys are ALL Children. Wah Wah Wah - Too many people are telling me what to do??.. Wah Wah Wah, Too many asset managers won't follow my rules!! - Thank you all, but Fuck you!

    Please forgive me, but dudes, I'm speaking for everyone - and if anyone doesn't like it - I'm not speaking for you.

    Stop messing with the folks who just want to be here and have some assets with adult representation?

    There is an issue running around here - I stay tf away from - but now I'm pissed! and you should be too! - Asset managers, Grab your balls and do shit that might be difficult but people want you to do. - Work the system!! - Resource managers - have some compassion - don't talk and just do - make it a robot!. - Let the asset I invested in come into the organization (FOR THE SHAREHOLDERS! - not the managers) and let's move forward into the New Year!! - Yes I'm Mad - I'm sorry.


    btw, the asset in question continues to reward.

  • I believe an answer to encourage people to behave would be to offer Assets to identity verified persons with the discretion of Asset issuers. This would also discourage underage or senile trolls. I also thought about how to manage these idiotic children and I believe I would offer an Asset with defined conditions that include thou shalt not abuse or be banned from it with a refund of initial investment which would lead to a re issue of asset but that would shut them up eventually and leave the good persons alone.

  • No idea what's the asset and what's the problem?

    Maybe just me but so far i had zero problems as asset manger and a bit of a problems as shareholder (mostly due my own fault of trusting asset will keep its promises).