Hello fellow miners

  • Hi.
    I started mining burst around 5 months ago when I learned of its existence. I'm registered on forums.getburst - but that seems pretty much dead - so I thought I'd sign up here 🙂

    Started with 10TB on an old core2duo, then reused an old Phenom2x6, recently I bought a new budget Ryzen setup with profits I made getting to know the crypto market with a bit of cash.
    Currently solo mining with @50TB. I pretty much solo mined all the time except for a bit to see what it is like in a pool.

    I was not into mining before, electricity costs in Austria are prohibitive, so It didn't make sense to me.
    But burstmining is fun for me and if the price doesn't drop like mad again still profitable.


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    @zonk Welcome 🙂 Where in Oz? I'm a dual Kiwi/Ozzie - spent a year in Canberra.

  • I agree that forums can be quiet and electricity is a rip off in Australia.
    Burst is more fun than other coins simply that proof of work requires better calculator hardware every year or its useless. ASIC hardware isn't really good but people are blinded by its profitability than the damage they cause. Such damage has had them banned in some pools like the bitcoin app in windows store by Group Fabric has commented in the past. Burst coin however, when things get difficult, add more plot storage not replace it like a GPU or ASIC. Therefore cheaper to rescale as well as much easier to become involved.

  • Guys... 😃

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