Passphrase does not match reward recipient

  • Hi

    I am new to Burst.

    I plotted my 2TB drive and started mining on, before I realised I wouldn't get very far on that pool with just 2TB,

    So I started to mine on, which has no drive size restrictions.

    When I mine, I can see I get plenty of "found DL" but I also get {result":"Passphrase does not match reward recipient","requestProcessingTime":0}.

    I waited an hour, as I read I should wait 4 blocks before mining, but am still getting the same Passphrase message.

    Do I need to replot my HD if I change my wallet account or pool?



  • If you were to start mining with a new account you'd need to replot, but just changing pool doesn't require that.

    You need to go to http://[your wallet address]/rewardassignment.html

    and fill in the new pool's address and your passphrase.

    Then wait 4 blocks, and hopefully you should be ready to go on the new pool.