• Ok, I'm new here. I'm also brandspanking new at the whole altcoin thing. I know absolutely zero about most things.

    So, given that I'm clueless, I was wondering if there were any experienced people who could advise/mentor newcomers?

    I know this community is wonderful and helpful. In no way am I implying that it's not.

    Personally, I hate advertising how stupid I am on public forums and so here's the main reason why I was wondering if we could somehow list people who are prepared to mentor newbies via the chat feature?


    If you think it's a bad idea, please say so, I won't be offended. I just think this place is great, mining is fun and I think Burst has so much potential.


    Someone wanna mentor someone with lotsa silly questions?

    By the way, I'm not actually a stupid person, I just need someone to steer me on the right track so I can become informed.

    Who knows? Down the track it'll be my turn to be a mentor.


    Who's up for the challenge if anyone thinks this is a good idea?

  • @Leece hehe that is a good idea. looking into the faq can get you a lot of info. also if you want to just ask me any questions you have through voice chat there is a discord server that i made. heres an invite

  • @stupendelious

    The FAQ and the 101's here are great.

    However, I don't know anything about cryptocurrencies, even less about mining.

    Sometimes the FAQ and the 101 kinda assumes a rudimentary understanding for people to 'get it'. As I don't have that rudimentary knowledge, it left me scratching my head and saying 'huh?'

    The only voice chat I know of is Skype. Do I need to install what it is that you're suggesting?

    And yes, I'd adore any help I can get. I promise I won't pester you too much!

  • @Leece you welcome to pm me ask what you like to know i will try to help you

  • @all i just discovered burst some weeks ago but if you want could PM or using the Discord channel and i will try to answer with no problem at all if i know, of course...

  • admin

    @Leece Post your questions out in the open. There are many experts here who can mentor you that way, and your questions are probably the same as many others discovering Burst. Don't keep the shared knowledge to yourself, learn to understand it in the open where others can also learn from it. We're here because we want to be, and are happy to answer any question to the best of out abilities - that's what the whole community is about, and what the burst team is about - the US in the domain isn't for USA - it's about ALL of US, the team, the community.

  • I'm able to mentor if I get a PM.

  • @haitch

    I don't mind asking questions in the open. I just don't want to be considered an airhead because I am asking (it seems to me, really silly questions). I don't have any underlying understanding about mining, crypto currencies or anything that this forum is so good at.

    I am trying to educate myself, and I've learnt a LOT so far. But I still feel like an idiot because I know the questions I am asking are basic questions that should be self evident. That said, they obviously aren't self evident to me. Hence me peppering the board with inane questions.

    But you all have been absolutely wonderful and none of you have treated me like a nuisance and I am so appreciative of that.

    Hoping that one day I won't appear as clueless as I feel