I'm mining the 4 days I need help.

  • I'm mining for 4 whole days without shutting down the system, and I have not received any reward. I'm mining in the pool:


    I'm using a 1TB hard drive (930GB) for testing, I do not understand why I did not get anything yet, so I've seen nothing wrong.

  • Sometimes depends on the target Deadline of the pools, if it to low, its difficult for miner with lesser capacity to let confirm there deadlines on the pool ( http://burstneon.ddns.net/ ). I would invite you to come around to us, for lesser capacity we have a burst guarantee of 0.5 burst per block at minimum, so you should get every block some burst ( or more )

  • mining club pool is about the worst option for some one with that small plots. # 1 the only accept deadlines under 24hours .... myself with 21TB cant reliably submit deadlines under 24 hours every or even every other block , so you are not acumilating historical shares because your not submiting deadlines. #2 mining club does a 80/20 split meaning 80% of the block reward goes to the current round .. and only 20% to historical shares. this kind of split favors large miners and luck. i recommend anyone with under 10TB pick a pool with highest posible target deadline