Burst wallet not responding

  • Do you have issue with the Burst client not responding while downloading the blockchain ?

    I have downloaded the latest blockchain available, it was 82% of the total chain, I am now at 97.09 but it keeps freezing and the java VM is close to the 100% CPU threshold.

  • 0_1514942379655_blockchain.jpg similar problem here. i was trying to wait for 3 days 24/7 downloading the blockchain. seems no progress at all. "Downloading blockchain at 0 blockcs/min" is this what i should be? i downloaded the zip file blockchain and extracted to burst_db and run the app local but seems no effect. please guide me gentle men. Thank you

  • I am no longer using this client, I thing it's pretty buggy, I just launch the .bat "runthisadmin" (can't tell you exactly I am not at home) and access my local wallet from it's far better.

    Only drawback is that you don't see the percentage of the main chain dowloaded.

  • @nonobrutale1090 the wallet has to verify every block on the chain, hence the cpu load. Just look into your burst_db folder, the files in there should have a modification time close to wall clock time, and keep growing in size.

    The first download of a complete chain is speed-limited by your CPU (or GPU if enabled in config) and your (burst) network connectivity.

    A real freeze (20 seconds and up) could indicate you have more memory assigned to the JavaVM than there is real (available) memory, leading to paging (virtual memory is kept on disk instead of RAM).

  • Thanks for your reply.

    What I noticed is that, while the burst client is completely frozen, accessing the server through internet explorer or chrome is working fine.

    It's loading sometime,which also make chrome or whatever the browser used irresponsive, but after 5 seconds it's fine until the next load.

    I have read in the announcement section that the AIO client will soon become obsolete anyway and that we should use qbundle.