Submit Muliple DLs w/ Same Plot

  • Do you think it will be possible to submit DLs for same block using same plot again & again ?

    So instead of using 200 GB plot one time ... use 100 GB plot N number of times. Each time trying to get better DL for a given block until it is forged

  • This 200GB Plot will always give you the same best Deadline if you mine it on the same block, no matter how often you mine it.

  • admin

    @Castiel If you have multiple copies of the same plot, each plot will have the same identical best deadline. This is why it's so important to not overlap you plots. Scoop X of Nonce Y for your ID will always have the same DL - no matter if you have that plot once or 100 times. Same DL everytime. Make a bunch of sequential plots, that's the only way to improve your chances.