What did i do wrong Burst miners?

  • Hello Burst community its been 2 years not mining because my drive is destroyed. i am trying to get back and enjoy the ride with you guys. i think this project is pure rare and potential blockchain technology a sort of alt blockchain to eating energy machines like ASIC's. i think i need to get back as soon as possible. so help me guys. 🙂
    My situation: NO DL SENT

    *Blockchain data downloaded and extracted to Burst directory "DONE"
    *Blockchain downloading for 3 days 24/7 "Zero Progress"
    *Im using online wallet "Burst-team Wallet 3" thats the online site works for me.
    *My Pool mining is BURST MINIING CLUB
    *I have 924GB drive for testing purposes and i just try mining to see how it works compare to previous years.

    I need a little help with you experts. i love burst mining even its pain in my butt! i think i like it this way:)


  • admin

    @trimac burstmining club is not a good option for a small plot - they only accept 24 hour deadlines, which you'll rarely get with only 1TB.

    Try one of the pools that allows longer deadlines.

  • @haitch
    Wow that is fast!! looks like i found i solution for now. gotta find Pool for me. Thank you Haitch your dabest!

  • @trimac http://status.burstcontrol.com:7777/network has a list that shows the target dead line for some of the pools .... the only large target deadline pool that i dont think is on that network list is the 0-100 pool hosted by Haitch

  • @trimac sorry try this link it shows more pools 🙂 http://burstcoin.cc/network