Delay Any ideas?

  • This does not look good:

    BURST miner, v1.170820_AVX
    Programming: dcct (Linux) & Blago (Windows)
    CPU support: AES SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSE4.2 AVX
    AuthenticAMD AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics [4 cores]
    RAM: 8192 Mb
    Pool address (ip
    Updater address (ip
    Using plots:
    F:\burst files: 2 size: 2243 Gb
    TOTAL: 2243 Gb

    23:42:01 New block 443328, baseTarget 158796, netDiff 115400 Tb
    23:42:05 [14690436638991179794] found DL: 7072238
    23:42:05 [14690436638991179794] sent DL: 7072238 81d 20:30:38
    23:42:05 [14690436638991179794] confirmed DL: 7072238 81d 20:30:38
    23:42:06 [14690436638991179794] found DL: 2638718
    23:42:06 [14690436638991179794] sent DL: 2638718 30d 12:58:38
    23:42:06 [14690436638991179794] confirmed DL: 2638718 30d 12:58:38
    23:42:11 Thread "F:\burst" @ 10.7 sec (52.4 MB/s) CPU 77.99%
    23:45:11 HDD, WAKE UP !
    23:48:11 HDD, WAKE UP !
    23:51:11 HDD, WAKE UP !
    23:54:11 HDD, WAKE UP !

    12min!!! Whats going on here? Thanks!

  • @Bitcon415
    it finished reading your plots after 10.7sec!-) and then it had to wait for the next block!

    Blocktime is roughly 4min with Burst. But this time it was 12min I presume.
    Each time your miner will go through your Plots and search for the fastest time to solve this Block. The miner who finds the fastest, wins/forges this block.
    Your fastest time was for this block was " 30d 12:58:38". Not good enough to win! maybe next round...

    (This is a very very basic explanation with all the wrong expressions!-)

  • @bitcon415 said in Delay Any ideas?:


    This block was fairly long - 22m54s ;

  • @nixxda I See! I'm just a little worried after spending so much time plotting and setting up my miners. I still haven't earned a single payout. I estimated 3 days at 3TB to get 100 Burst from BurstGuru. Hopefully, I see I mined some burst tomorrow or I'm going to worry. LOL! Thanks!

  • @bitcon415
    your expectations are to high! I'm sorry to say. Theres a lot of competition with big rigs and lots of TB's out there!
    You can use the calculator to get an idea what your long term average should be.

    It'll be more like 15days. (probably™!) Mining is a slow and steady process.

  • Bro, I love you so much for posting this and helping me get a better feel for this!