Plotting - staggered or continuous

  • Hi

    Just starting out and a bit of a newbie question.

    I have 3 x external drives. Started plotting on my first 8TB in 1TB plots, then system kept crashing whilst plotting. Now got that sorted.

    But a question I have

    Is it better to have 24 x 1TB plots in continuous plots numbers


    24x1TB plots in random order?

    Was thinking that drive 1 has a start of 0, the. Drive 2 starts at say 100000000 the. The 3rd drive starts at 20000000. If I add other drives then stagger these?

    Any help would be great.


  • @jj28miner It doesn't matter either way. The only important thing is the numbers don't overlap. For organizational purposes though, it's easier if you just make them continuous. Especially if you ever want to expand later.