Hello burst community!

  • Hi everyone!
    As you can imagine, I'm new to the burstcoin world, and I have some questions for experienced people...

    First, I realy don't like to add my request to the hundred of existing ones, but I tried many burstcoin faucets ( almost all the faucets of the net I think) and they all ran dry... So I'm forced to ask you for some bursts to start mining, if you are kind, here is my adress : BURST-JSFS-P8UY-S5Z5-7FXDU

    Otherwise, like I said at the beginning, I have a few questions for people more experienced in the burstcoin world, here they are :

    1- I looked over the dozens of existing mining pools and didn't know which one I had to choose... How can I choose my pool? I'll mine (when plotting will be finished) with approximatly 2 TB, if it can help.

    2- I have a 1 TB HDD, and tried to plot it in 1 time, but I had some issues and had to plot again from scratch... So I plotted the second time with 10 different plot files, and I'm wondering : Can this have a negative effect on my mining performance?

    3- I had some issues with my local wallet (it does not want to start, if some of you have time and will to study my case, I can provide details, but it's a weird problem ^^), so I'm now using only online wallets... Isn't there any problems with using only online wallets? Is there any negative points to online wallets?

    Thank you for reading all that post, and for your futur answers,