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    Hey, please can someone take a look at my jminer screen (attached) does this look right? I'm using a 2TB LaCie Rugged HD connected to my MacBook pro via thunderbolt...I entered my numeric ID however the guide I followed didn't mention anything about modifying the file named "". Any advise will be highly appreciated! Thanks.

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    I decided to allocate 10GB RAM as I don't really use the MacBook, but it says "using 10240 MB memory" not sure if that's correct?

  • @nihontastic said in MacOS User New to Burstcoin Mining:

    I decided to allocate 10GB RAM as I don't really use the MacBook, but it says "using 10240 MB memory" not sure if that's correct?

    Correct, indeed.
    You decided to allocate 40960 nonces of 256 KiB each totalling ~ 10 GiB of memory.
    1 GiB = 1024 MiB, as the XiB units are based on binary 2^10, not on decimal 10^3.

    You're using not the jminer, but the avx2 plotter. You might use the gpuplotter to achive more than 2840 nonces/min running opencl code on your GPU. But I don't know if it runs on OSX, you may look in the software section, but that makes sense only if you are going to plot many many terabytes.

  • @vaxman hey man, thanks for checking that for me. Ok so now that the drive has finished plotting, I can't see the menu options in the online idea how to actually start mining now because all the tutorials are using the local wallet which appears to have this menu bar for account manager...

  • @vaxman This is where I am at so far...testing on iMac with an old 500GB external HDD. Should i be worried about this message: You are running the webserver without protecting it with an username and/or password! because i don't have a clue on how to fix it..

    The last thing on the screen shows:

    04:50:43: Block 444,358 ended in 00:04:16
    04:50:43: --------------------------------------------------
    04:50:43: block# 444,359
    04:50:43: scoop# 2759
    04:50:43: baseTarget# 111,988
    04:50:43: gensig ea5ca6c67012f118f87f7a34ddc83b9f
    04:50:43: a81df20d8271b4e9759bc9ed0f21fb59
    04:50:43: difficulty 163,635 (-5,643)
    04:50:43: --------------------------------------------------

    I guess It's mining and I just need to let it do its business now?

  • @nihontastic looks fantastic, you have creepminer running at the romanian pool.
    Did you set your reward assignment to the pool's address ?
    Good Luck!

  • hey @vaxman that's a relief to hear! thanks for checking it. Yeah I added the reward assignment and saw the transaction on my account.

    Since I'm only testing this out until my 2TB is plotted, I didn't think I'd get much on the romanian pool with 500GB or even 2.5tb so @haitch kindly suggested that I try So i've been mining with since can I check to see my progress, or is it a matter of just waiting until my name is drawn from the hat?

    Does this look right? I kept the wallet address the same as when i was with the romanian pool: "urls" : {
    "miningInfo" : "",
    "submission" : "",
    "wallet" : ""

    Thank you!

  • @nihontastic you can see your "progress" by looking at their pool status page.

    I'm not familiar with pool mining and especially the miner you use, so somebody may jump in here.

    With 0.5 TB you will at most make 1 burst/day, and this may lie way below your pool's payout scheme. You need to accumulate enough within a defined time span, otherwise your contribution is never paid out.

  • @vaxman yeah i thought that, but in total im aiming for 2.5TB. just hoping someone can help by letting me know how i can run both plotted drives on one machine...

  • admin

    @nihontastic I'm not familiar with creepminer, but it should be capable of mining multiple drives. In the config where you specify the plot location there will be a way to specify multiple locations.

  • @nihontastic That is no problem at all.

    • per TB you need to read 10^12/4096=244 MBytes, many ppl try to stay within 60 or 120 seconds scan time -> 244/60=4 MByte/s. So a 2 TB HD uses 4 MB/s bandwith if scanned in 1 minute (every 4 minutes). That is easy even with USB-2.

    • You need a (or many) plotfile(s) on that disk. The content MUST NOT overlap the other plotfiles you have. The naming scheme is:


    We only look at start+length here. If you plot a single file onto that disk, just make sure that it's start value is equal or larger than your other file's (start+length).

    This example file has 1000 nonces, numbered 0..999:

    The next file MUST start AT LEAST at 1000 :


    As from the above screenshots you are plotting your 2 TB disk from nonce 0, and I suspect this is an overlap with your existing disk ?