Plot files overlapping

  • Hi everybody,
    I'm having issues with my plot files, and I dont understand the numbers after their name, I think I have to delete and plot again some files, but I dont know what file to delete and at what nounce shoult I begin to plot this file again...
    I'm joining a screenshot of what blago miner's error, if someone can help me :


    I'm using Xplotter (the one that is included in the Qbundle wallet), if can help.
    Can anyone explain me the meaning of the numbers after the plot files' name and what should I do to fix that?
    Thank you by advance.

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    First number is your numeric account
    Second is the Starting Nonce
    Third is the number of nonces in the file
    Fourth is the stagger - using Xplotter the third and fourth will always be the same

    For plot file n+1, the Starting Nonce should be at least plot N Starting Nonce + Plot N number of nonces.

    As you can see, all your plots have the same starting nonce, so are compltely over lapped.

    I'd delete the plots in 7\ and 8\ and the one you're currently plotting, and plotting and redo them with valid starting nonce values.

  • @heritierdugondor a plot file name has the following meaning:


    1st file, four nonces: 0,1,2,3


    2nd file, four nonce: 4,5,6,7


    your file 6,7,8 are overlapping, delete 7+8 and replot.

  • I'm getting a message as well saying my plots are overlapped I thought I understood the setting maybe I'm missing something in the numbers but I started each drive on the next nonce I thought. This is the message.

    WARNING: G:\Burst\plots\1258493618006751880_1892353_1875776_1875776 and
    F:\Burst\plots\1258493618006751880_0_7598080_7598080 are overlapped

    I have an H: drive as well.The G: nonces starts right after H: H:\burst\plots\1258493618006751880_7598081_1892352_1892352

    Is this the reason cause the letters aren't in order (just changed the drive letters and same message)
    WARNING: H:\Burst\plots\1258493618006751880_1892353_1875776_1875776 and
    F:\Burst\plots\1258493618006751880_0_7598080_7598080 are overlapped

  • If you guys are using Qbundle then my advice is to stop fiddling whith the advanced settings. Add your correct plotfiles to "My plotfiles" and let Qbundle do the calculations.

  • Just using the bust client wallet to write the plots, only thing I can figure because I plotted the H: drive before the G: drive. Do you see an issue with the nonces?

  • f: is nonces 0 to 7598079
    g: is nonces 1892353 to 3768128
    h: is nonces 7598080 to 15196159
    f: overlaps g:

  • Ok so mainly because of the drive letter placement? if G: had H: nonces and vice-versa would it have been fine?

  • No mainly for the settings of the nonces have been done wrong.

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    @gigamajig No, they need to be numerically different - the start of each new plot has to be > than the previous plot start nonce + number of nonces. F goes from 0 - 7.5 M, H goes from 7.5 M to 15M, but G is 1.8 M to 3.7M, and all those nonces already exist in F. Delete the plot on G and redo F with > 1.52M for the starting nonce.

  • Thank you very much everybody! I was completely lost with these numbers, but I do understand now, thanks!
    Just out of curiosity, what is the stagger?
    Thanks again, I was realy lost! ^^

  • @haitch Ok didn't notice it was only 1.8 I thought it was 18. I knew I wasn't reading something right. Ok so I understand the overlapping issue now. So I understand deleting the G: plot but not the redoing F: part wouldn't I just redo G: after deleting it but starting at 15196160?

  • @Quibus , @haitch , I have a great idea!!

    Where ever the description is for "how to plot", revise the content as follows:

    "When plotting multiple drives/files, the starting nonce for the next sequential plot file MUST be 100,000,000 greater than the previous plot file's starting nonce. Anything less than 100,000,000 will result in an overlap (BAD thing) with the previously plotted file".

    Note the word "MUST". Not "may" or "should".

    You will eliminate 99% of the constant stream of "Why are my plots overlapped?" threads.

    Additionally, if someone is plotting a drive/file with over 100,000,000 nonces on it, which would result in an overlap, I'm pretty sure they will be able to figure it out. Most of the overlap thread starters are plotting 100GB files.

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    @gigamajig Sorry, that was a typo - delete and replot G