• Question, is it possible to run a burst node on an NAS? like syntology/Q-nap.
    If yes, where do i find it? i have searched the hole web for a full node to run...Full node is it the wallet?

  • whats a node for burst? I haven't heard or seen one or an operator.....

  • @whatup
    I haven't seen someone doing that! But I'd say it should be possible! Given that you compile it yourself.
    have you checked with the NXT people? They have a larger user base and therefor more projects and guides.
    And Burst Wallet is still quite similar to NXT. The newer 1.3.6gc POCC Wallet would need a little more tinkering.

    Thinking a bit more about it would probably be best to have an Docker container.
    No trivial task! but possible