New to burst / HELP

  • Ok, so im ready to start buying up those TB and contribute to the movement.

    The problem i have is as follows. Ive downloaded the client and use burstclient 0.3.13.

    I got one burst from faucet and set my name. Now i have 0.

    I plotted my harddrive. when i select the mempool and press on change reward assignment a window pops up that their address has been copied and i need to paste it with my passphrase, ok I GET IT.


    the window comes up as blank like the website does not exist! ive uploaded a pic to imgur to help

    Maybe i need more burstcoin, maybe the firewall is blocking, im perplexed!

    My profile - BURST-ABMA-NDSV-TJSG-7UE5F