NRS Version update: Outdated! (Stable & Beta)???

  • Currently, it shows 1.2.9 and says it's outdated (stable & beta). So I click on it and it has NRS State & NRS Update. If I click on State I get a bunch of fields with no information in them. If I click on Update I get nothing. Not sure what I'm supposed to do here I downloaded the latest ver. that I could find however not sure how to go about installing it. Any info or suggestions welcome.

  • THe latest qbundle wallet is available here

    This will update you to 1.3.6cg

    1.2.9 is way outdated

  • Thanks for the info, so I'm using the burst client, and if I understand correctly qbundles is another wallet correct? the client is what's showing the 1.2.9 nrs version when I install qbundles is it suppose to change that?

  • @gigamajig Yes the qbundle is an all in one program. It has everything you need including the new wallet. It is the best and easiest setup there is. Plus you need to upgrade for the sake of the network. As this update will become mandatory eventually.