Beginner question.

  • When I start with a new HD, do I have to continue from where the last nonce or zero started?

  • admin

    @adrianoecker Start at previous plot starting nonce + number of nonces, or larger. On my setup I increase the Starting Nonce by 50M over previous. So 0, 50M, 100M, 150M .... etc. Nonces don't need to be sequential, the only thing that matters is the number of nonces

  • I really still do not understand if it's too simple or complicated.
    Well, it seems that in a new HD I do not need to follow a count of noces of the last HD plotted.
    So can I start from the fox again?
    About adding more 50MB vc says for each new HD you increase the count of MB?
    Type an HD started at 300GB and then the next HD will start at 350GB?
    Sorry for ignorance.

  • admin

    @adrianoecker Use a starting nonce number that is going to be greater than you previous starting nonce + number of nonces. As I said, I jump each drive/plot by 50M