Many problems and no burst

  • Ok, 2 weeks of working on this and I really havent mined one pay out with 16TB running? What is the deal? Shouldnt I have gotten some type of error a week ago now? I'm finding blocks and getting a few good times but not a damn thing for pay outs.

    PLEASE, what did I not do this time? THANKS!

    Almost defeated

    PS-I wish I had never touch QBundle! It was not ready to be posted up for anyone to download! DUH!

  • if you are mining solo, then you probably have just not forged a block yet, as 16TB's isnt really very much.
    If you are in a pool, then it really depends which pool and what their rules for payouts are....

  • admin

    @bitcon415 More details required ..... What pool? What's your address ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jaxblack Thanks Jax! I did get a payout right after posting this. It took Approx 9days at Averge 7TB for me. I just bought 32 more TB today because of my excitement! You guys are great on here! Thanks again!
    Payoff always seems to happen in that last 1% of extended effort!