Newish to Burstcoin - looking for a little help & donation

  • Hi all,

    I recently got into Burstcoin and got a free one from a faucet a few weeks back. I have been scammed on ebay with a purchase of 50 and I think at this point I know I'm out the money at least on ebay. I have a claim on paypal right now but I have to wait until next week for hopefully a refund. You should easily be able to figure it out but the seller is lunykws. I have other information regarding him but I don't know if it's OK to share here.

    I decided to use an extra notebook I had to try to mine myself. So right now I'm at 0 BURST and when I left for work today it was only at 30% plotting so I'm hoping it's done when I get home. I'm only trying with about 1/2 the capacity in case something goes wrong and it's taking many many hours to plot so I can't imagine how long 8TB could take.

    But I'm also worried something did go wrong and I lost the one coin I had (& since it's been a little hard to get more as well as getting scammed out of the 50)

    If anyone would like to donate a couple for now, my wallet is below. I will pay it forward or payback once I know I can actually mine or find another way to get some or if I give up. Thanks to all of you out there.


  • Hi All,

    I'm at a 0 balance and noticed that I need to change my name as well as possibly start over. really could use 1-2 Burst at this time.

    Also my plotting is going horribly slow. changed from my PC to notebook which has a 3.0 usb but I'm only getting 550 nonces per minute which will still take 1tb forever! the pc under the 2.0 I gave up on at the 30+% and restarted thinking I could get much better than 270 per min but I'm only at 550!

    Thinking I do need to get a 3.0 for the pc. I have the space for it.

    Either way I'm looking for help.

    small follow up on the ebay scammer lunykws. I found some other blogs where he has posted in the past so he may be known in the older community. I still don't have a refund from paypal as ebay doesn't cover these mining and crypto deals.