Start plotting the other drive

  • Hello,

    (numbers are not good, as I can't see them now at work, but the idea is good)

    I have plotted a 1TB drive (lets say its 5 nonces) from 0: WATEVER_0_5_5
    I am plotting (still in progress) a second drive 5TB (so lets say it's 25 nonces): WATEVER_6_25_25

    Now I want to start plotting the next one 5TB (on another pc).

    As I understand the file name format is : randomNumber_startingNonce_numberOfNonces_numberOfNonces

    So where should I start ?

    It should be 5 + 25 +1 => 31 right ?

  • @tyvain , you can start the next one at 100,000,000 to insure no overlap with your other drives.

  • admin

    @tyvain You don't need the + 1 : just last starting nonce + last number of nonces.

    If I have a 4 nonce plots, the nonce are numbered:

    0 1 2 3

    0 + 4 = 4, so next SN is 4

    4 5 6 7

    4 + 4 = 8, so next SN is 8

    8 9 10 11


  • @rds Is there a limit to the starting size number ?

    I could easily go to a solution where all drives start like this:

    drive 1 : 1,000,000,000
    drive 2 : 2,000,000,000
    drive 3 : 3,000,000,000

    So I dont bother to calculate anything.. Is this a good solution ?

  • @tyvain m that will work.

  • admin

    @tyvain I bump up by 50M for each subsequent drive

  • @tyvain , here is a way I do it. Starting nonce = xxxxAyy00000000.

    xxxx=first 4 digits of your account id
    A=size of drive, 3, 5, 8 TB
    yy=sequence #: 01, 02, 03 ..... 99.

    E.G. 145380100000000

    1453 account, first 8TB drive.

    You will not have any overlap issues, and it will be easy to identify the size and number of the drive by the file name.

  • @rds I like this method very much.

    Do you think I can add another sequence to you method:
    z= plot number on same drive

    Because I want to plot my 5TB with 5x1TB plots (that will be plot on my internal hardrive).

    If yes:

    1/ => should I copy all the plots file in X:\plots ?

    so it could look like :
    5TB drive 1

    5TB drive 2

    2/ => Is there a drawback in having not directly sequential plots on the same drive ?

  • The easiest way using qbundle is to import all created plots inside the list box under Tools-Plotter.

    While choosing the amount of nonces to be created the start nonce will be calculated automatically 🙂

  • @tyvain said in Start plotting the other drive:


    This is not correct and VERY important during the plotting process. This should refer to your numerical wallet ID (a different way to present your public wallet address)