Excited noob!

  • I am currently plotting my 3 tb drive by 500gb plots (so was I told that was most efficient).

    But have several questions.
    Can I plot and mine from multiple drives?
    Do I need to use faucet to activate my acc? I already have my numeric ID after the several hours of burst_db download and installation.
    Is there anything else I need to know?

    But otherwise, I am very excited to get started! Thanks!

  • admin

    @hoxgm Using the 500GB plots will get you started mining sooner, but the most efficient is one plot per drive.

    Yes, no problem with mining multiple drives - two of my servers have 24 drives.

    Yes, use the faucet to get a Burst, don't use it to set your name, use it to join a pool, then set your name later.

    Other need to knows ....... Burst mining is addictive, start planning how you're going to expand your mining operation ..... 🙂