Trying to add an external HD to my mining machine and really need some assistance.

  • Good evening,

    I'm trying to expand my ability to mine by adding an 8Tb external hard drive. Problem is, I can't seem to get the drive to plot and I am at a loss. If you can point me toward something like a step by step guide, that'd be fantastic.

    Thank you in advance,


  • Linux or windows? to plot in windows your disk needs to be NTFS formatted for the plotter. It is safe to do so many are shipped in exfat (extensible file allocation table)

  • Thank you for your reply, much appreciated. I formatted the drive a few days ago and am currently sitting at 11% plotted.
    I didn't expect plotting an 8Tb drive to take so long, but asking around has verified that on a machine not specifically built to mine, it can take a good amount of time.

    Thank you again!


  • It depends on the tech you have available. The cpu plotter on a single cpu can take a very long time. For me 1tb a day! I personally have a 4 core 4ghz processor and still a day for 1 tb. Therefore I learned to use the GPU plotter it plots 8 TB a day for me. I own Western Digital disks they are faster for plotting. Many disks are slower plotting but thankfully they all read finished plots nicely.