10 % From The New Pelger Crypto-currency fund 10000 Shares for 1 Burtz

  • I make a crowdfunding BURST-MGKR-7ZZT-M7V3-5ZZTM

    i am a very goog men in finance for every coin you get 1 stock of der new company when the 10000 shares are out immedently i make a IPO
    and the Listing beginns the Startpreis is then 2 Coin per Share

    1. IPO Pelger Fund for cryptocurrencies
    2. proceeds are widely invested in coins
      and the Mining of good blackchange companies
    3. Revenues are invested in the application and use of the technology
      to pay a dividend.
    4. Preservation of value and the long-term development of a crypto exchange
      10% are now given they hold 1 share per 1 Burtz
      The issue price will be over 2 Burtz 39% will be given
      The Management has 40 years experience in equities and finance

  • @michi From all the drivel I have read on this phorum this is definitely a new low, congrats.

  • admin

    @marc At least he had the courtesy of starting the thread in "Concerned Assets" ......

  • Hilarious, seriously awesome