• @crowetic so i was perusing the internet and the asset information when i found a post from crowetic on the bitcointalk forum

    this says it is from about a year ago and i saw that there were some future assets planned that functioned similar to a cloud mining operation but for burst instead of the mainstream bitcoin. it was mentioned as asset 4 do you guys know if this was ever implemented? Scrapped? or still in planning?

  • Right, the cloudmining operation we were going to start didn't end up happening due to not being able to find a price point that would work, however, we're looking to do some massive PR soon, and get a lot more people interested in the coin. When we do this, I would expect the influx of people and confidence based on the PR we will do, to increase the volume and price of the coin.

    Once this has come to fruition, we ARE talking about working on a cloud mining platform again. I have always liked the idea...

    However, if you think of it as such... the ByteEnt and BURSTeam assets are basically cloud mining, as you can purchase them, and buy a piece of the pool fee and multiple TB of mining power that is paid out monthly, essentially the same as cloud mining, aside from the frequency of the payouts. There are also the other assets that I just posted here...

    ... which also pay out monthly, with multiple different income sources, mining, ad revenue, and staking of other coins to sell to buy BURST. So essentially all of these assets could be viewed like a type of cloud mining, as you purchase them, then get payouts as long as you hold them. There is no expiration on these, and they're not very expensive. I know for a fact that the initial buyers of ByteEnt, have easily ROI over 4 times in the ~2 years that the asset has been running, then you take into consideration that the release price was 15 when first released, and now it is selling at 90-100, you'll realize that the increase just there alone is potentially huge.

    So, for now, I would just suggest purchasing some of these assets, then we may end up making a cloud mining operation in the future. Thanks!

  • @crowetic it seems like buying assets on the exchange would be a good idea, but I'm afraid too many people will buy all the remaining assets and sell them for double within hours of anything trustworthy being released. I would gladly invest in Bursteam and byteent, and i do, but the price for most "cloud mining" like assets is too high to ever ROI.