help please

  • hi
    I have just started mining with my 6tb seagate external hard drive (back up plus)
    I plotted it with gpu and now it's mining with
    Here is line of the mining app:
    19:14:42 Thread "E:\plot" @ 23.8 sec (58.7 MB/S) cpu 76.66%
    I have three questions to ask
    1- Have I chosen the best pool?
    2- How many burstcoins do I have to expect to earn daily.
    3- Is my hdd speed ok ?

  • replying in order:

    1. Try a pool closest to your geographical location many pool operators will tell you their location.

    2. Coins are given in quantities that are more when the block difficulty is lower and less when difficulty is higher. Also, more plot; more coins.

    3. Regardless of speed, if it completes reading your plots in under 60 seconds that is good enough. Your speed, in general, is average and not too slow.

    glad to help

  • admin

    @amd1361 23.8 Seconds is fine, but you'll need to monitor it if you expand. Under 60 seconds is ideal, 120 is acceptable.

  • didn't know about 120 being acceptable ... learn something new everyday 🙂