Local Wallet Not Starting

  • I have installed the wallet.

    It is successfully available from

    It shows my balances.

    Yet, I cannot start the wallet. It spends a few minutes with "Starting" in the status and then goes back to stopped.

    There does not appear to be any java issue.

    I try rolling back (pop off blocks).... The dialog states:
    Status: Starting wallet in debug mode

    However, it never gets passed that statement. Nothing appears to be happening.

    Burst Wallet has turned out to be the most frustrating thing for me. And, I desperately want to get it all in order for mining.

    Is there any one with a technical background on the software, that could help me troubleshoot this?


  • admin

    You don't need a local wallet unless you're solo mining. Instead use one of the online wallets, eg: https://wallet1.burst-team.us:2083/index.html

  • i had that issue I eventually got it working by deleting the wallet and installing automatically with latest burstwalletlauncher in my manually created folder. That app downloads and installs all components of the wallet. DaWallet's wallet is just download and run. Online wallet at burst-team.us is safest online wallet to use when not mining solo.