Plot name

  • Hi to all,

    I'm new here!

    I'm plotting a file with a suffix of:

    How can that be? What does it mean?

  • admin

    @mrbananas The format of the plot filename is:

    <your id><plot starting Nonce><plot number of nonces>_<plot stagger>

    So you file:
    Starts at nonce: 7438336
    Contains: 7438336 Nonces
    With a stagger of: 7438336

    So I assume it's your second 2TB drive being plotted.

  • @haitch
    ok...thx for the explanation!

    yes, you're right... It's my 2nd 2TB. But when I plot another 2TB, it will have the exact same filename. Is that ok? Maybe I'm confused, because I don't know what a stagger is... And I'm worrying about plotting overlapping files...

  • admin

    @mrbananas The next file should be <your id><last start + number of nonces><number of nonces>_<stagger>

    So <id>_<14876672>_<7438336>_<7438336>

  • @haitch
    ok...but i got the same filename and now I know what I did wrong:

    I'm using jminer to plot and I always used the last number in the Filename as startnonce:
    Just to be sure: what should be my next startnonce?

    sudo ./plot -k <ID> -x 2 -d /Volume/Mine0 -s 0 -n 3000000 -m 32768 -t 8
    sudo ./plot -k <ID> -x 2 -d /Volume/Mine1 -s 2998272 -n 7438659 -m 32768 -t 8

    2998272 + 7618560 = 10616832
    2998272 + 7438659 = 10436931

    I'm confused...

  • admin

    @mrbananas Next starting nonce >= last starting nonce + last number of nonces.

    So if the last file was <ID>_2998272_7618560_7618560

    The next one will be: >= 2998272 + 7618560 = 10616832