Masternode and PoS Coin Staking Pools

  • I found a new staking pool when they were still in beta and tested them out with a small amount of a couple of coins, been gradually increasing my holdings over time.

    I have been very happy with the staking, and although I have never needed support, their dev team is very responsive on Discord and address any issues very quickly (their discord link is: ).

    They have also been improving the site design / user experience over the last month with more changes coming (they are teasing a masternode feature, which sounds pretty cool).

    In the course of about just over a month of staking with StakeUnited, I started with 58K Mutual and have staked over 4.8 million coins so far (and that was with withdrawing a total of 627K coins over the course of a couple weeks). There is no way I could have staked that much on my own.

    I also started with 46 AERM and now have 446 AERM, also in just over a month.

    If you haven't signed up yet, you can use my referral link if you like. 😉

  • So StakeUnited is now starting their beta of their masternode feature with the Ignition coin masternode. Looks like they are requiring a minimum of 50 coins to buy into the IC masternode, and if you decide later you want out of the masternode, they are offering a 7-14 day release time.

    If you're into the Ignition coin, this is probably worth checking out, since doing the IC masternode solo costs around $30K right now.

  • So I am still using the StakeUnited pool, and it is still working pretty well (doing pretty good with Deviant there), but I also joined SimplePosPool, largely because they offered some coins that StakeUnited didn't--such as Stipend (awesome coin, check it out), Bean Cash (LithStud stakes a lot of this coin in his Yasa asset), PacCore, BitG, XAP, and Phore. Although I'm not planning on closing my StakeUnited account, I actually like the SimplePosPool interface better. You can check them out here: