Plot File Sizes

  • Hey everyone,

    I have seen this brought up several times, but the more I read up on it, the more confused I get. I have 40ish tb of space on several 8tb, a couple 6tb, and a couple smaller drives (1-3tb ea) What is the best file size to optimize the plot read speed? I have been using creepminer and I am loving the different config options. I have been using drivebender to merge them in to a 1 jbod array with a giant file. What would be the best way to get these going to standard? As i continue to grow, the total space, what is recommended?

  • I like around 1TB myself. 3800000 nonces usually fits in 1TB of formatted space on most drives, fill with that size until it can't hold any more, then top it off with enough to fill the rest of the space minus <10000 nonces or so.

    I wouldn't recommend a jbod array, as if a drive fails it'll can break many plot files across several drives. Also replotting the whole array for one failed disk would be a major pain!

    Just plot and read each drive as a separate device and you'll have an easier time of it I think.

    Fully optimized would be one file filling each drive completely. But that's unrealistic in practice and has multiple points of failure that just waste time during setup.

    Best of luck!

  • Thank you for the info! That makes a lot of sense, I was worried about having too many plot files, but the more I learn the sillier that sounds. The next time I replot everything Ill do the 1TB file sizes...