{"errorDescription":"Not enough funds","errorCode":6}

  • Sorry for posting this first in the wrong location, so now i got it right 🙂

    Hello, i getting this error, after some googling, i found out that you need 1 burst to set mining account, is that right?

    {"errorDescription":"Not enough funds","errorCode":6}

    can someone please donate 1 burst to get me going, none of the faucet is working, and the one that worked i used the 1 burst to set a name, that was before i knew that you needet it to connect to a pool


    my address if there is a kind soul out there

    Best regards from Norway 🙂

  • admin

    @obermensch Sent you a couple - pay them forward.

  • Thank you so much! as soon as i get my 20tb up and running, i will make sure to help a few people get starting!