Bitconnect ( again )

  • just asking, how much did you lose?

    I heard they paid it back, but it was in BCC tokens, and those took a massive drop ( 80% )???

    glad I didn't invest though, sorry for the others that did.

  • admin

    @hidevin I made a profit, but missed out on the big payout of getting my initial investment back.

  • Same here. Small profit, not really worth all the nerve wracking!

  • @nixxda My Asset made a small profit. I with my various Accounts at the final reckoning made about a 25% Dollar Profit.


  • My case is curious, I had a profit of only 5% in part because I had a balance in dollars that had not changed, as when I got to enter the web the price was already plummeted from a profit of 50% to 5%.

    It only had to have lasted one more month and it would have doubled the investment.

  • @RichBC, @Energy, @haitch ,@nixxda, Being it appears you all knew this was a Ponzi and were just hoping it wouldn't collapse before you got your profits, do you feel any remorse that you profited off the backs of the losers? Do you feel like you should reimburse the people you scammed? Just asking?

  • @rds That is pretty harsh to say, anyone who got into this was gambling, and if someone didnt realize that getting in, then they didnt do their homework. No different then a lottery really. Does a lottery winner profit off the backs of losers-yup....But they still bought tickets.

  • @rds in a word NO.

    Slightly longer answer. Completely agree with @jaxblack and just sticking to this specific rather than the parallels.

    Everyone knew that Bitconnect would come apart one Day the only issue was when. All of us would have lost money if it had gone down in the first 100 Days, we weighed up the data and chose to take the risk, as did everyone else be they winners or losers.

    So I feel annoyance that it could not have kept going a bit longer, relief that my Asset shareholders did not lose money, a little sadness for those that lost, offended that you would call me a scammer but absolutely no remorse or desire to reimburse those that lost.


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    @rds What @Jaxblack said. If BitConnect had folded the day after I invested, I'd have lost big. I wouldn't feel any remorse for winning a hand of poker, even though it cost all the other players - it was a gamble, and in all gambling there are winners and losers.

    And who did I scam? I didn't get anyone to put money in - everyone who was on BitConnect was there of their own volition.

  • @rds I do not understand why I should have remorse, I have not recommended anyone to invest.

    These systems have unfortunately always existed. I do not know the experiences of the others but an interest of 30% per month that I know you do not get it anywhere and if give it, you suspect.

    I always recommend the same to everyone who asks me, if you have 10 BTC that you can afford to lose, how much you invest 10%, and the pain will be less.

    In this case, I've been very lucky to gamble that 5% since at first I thought I lost because when I sent the bcc to hitbtc it had a value of 23, I think, but the next day it went up to 69 and I sold in 60 If I had not expected, I would have lost.

    With these systems I have tripled the inverted, but I have also lost, but what I never do is recommend it to anyone and if I do it because they ask me, I am very clear about what this is