GPU Plot setup problems

  • I have a Nvidia 1050Ti and have tried changing the numbers 1 0 2048 256 4096
    Ive tried many Configs.

    Intell i7700 16 Processor

    I just get that invalid file name error every time.


    -PS Please [OP_RLO]
    [Son of DKPL] 😉

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    @bitcon415 Use Xplotter - I've never been able yo get nvidia cards to work with the gpuplotgenerator

  • I need optimized plots and have 120 more TB sitting here to finish setting up. I'm not doing this for the next 4 weeks. Has to be a way to get the repository to work with Cmake Gui. I'm now stuck at this step. I understand I need to locate OpenCL to populate the .txt file so the system can build the program?
    I think this would be paramount to address for the developers in order to speed up the entire network. Am I not supposed to make the largest mine I can before March?

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    @bitcon415 Xplotter creates optimized plots. It's what I used to plot most of my current 480TB and it's what I'll use to plot the 240TB I'm waiting on SAS cables for.

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  • @bitcon415 Ok, I got this working but it's not the 20,000 Sconces I expected. Only doing 2,100. Does this process speed up?
    How many CPUs are you using to operate that? I get 12,000 sconces per min with my CPU using just 5GB of the 16GB RAM.

    What drives did you get? That's a shit ton dude! I've been Plotting for 3 weeks. I wont be done for 4 more and thats just for 168GB of drives I got. GOOD WORK!

    Please, How can I plot fast enough to take advantage of these?

  • @bitcon415 While reading through the forums yesterday I found a person using a Ryzen Threadripper CPU with 64g of ram plotting at 40,000 Nonces/Min. Maybe I misread the thread but if its true that would be the Goal id be shooting for.

    CPU plotting will speed up and slow down based on your PC use, and available resources to plot at higher N/m, if you're plotting at 2100 n/m try adjusting your thread and ram use to 6/8 threads utilizing all but 2gb of ram and see what your numbers look like (should be somewhere around 4,000-8,000 N/m with this adjustment)

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    @bitcon415 @SimplyLiving6 I've got a TR 1950X, using 30 threads in a VM I was getting around 36-38K nonces/min.

    time to plot is going to be very dependant on the drives you're using, I'm using white label WD Reds ( ). They're a little more expensive than the external Seagate Expansion/Archive drives but a) They're internal not external, b) The Seagates are a PITA. The Seagates are SMR drives, they read and mine just fine, but absolutely suck at random writes due to the recording mechanism, and xplotter is all effectively random writes. A WD Red 8T can be plotted in 12-30 hours, a Seagate SMR drive will take a week or more.

    If you have the Seagate SMR drives, either a) plot to a non-SMR drive then move it to the Seagate, or 😎 plot in parallel - multiple instance of xplotter running with the total number of threads over subscribed (eg if you have 8 threads, run 4 instances with 4 threads each. As the plotter spends most of the time idle while waiting for the current buffer to write to disk, the other instances can take advantage of the idle threads.

  • Hey thanks for helping me learn the rest of this! I got me a whole mess of these from Best Buy for $160e on a holiday special WDBBGB0080HBK-NESN. Where do you suppose my current processor will top out at? intel i7770 3.6G 4 Core 8 Process

  • @bitcon415 you could see upwards of 6-10k N/M with that CPU, My brother is running An ASUS ROG GTX750-JS to plot using all 8 threads (possibly 7 with new xplotter config) and 10/12gb of ram and he plots roughly 6500-8k N/m.