[UPDATE] Video quickstart guide updated for new miners/wallet users!

  • Because there was still some confusion on needing one or two bursts to start mining, i updated my getting started video guide. This new version will exist alongside the current one up to the point where the newer one has a steady position in search results.

    The new video can be found here:

    I truly hope this version can stay up for at least a couple of months!

  • Also, to get this updated video higher than the old and outdated guides, im going to need some help!

    YouTube SEO is influenced by number of minutes watched, likes, subscribes through specific video and comments, so PLEASE, watch it! Like it, hit subscribe if you feel like it and please leave a little comment! 🙂

    You can also help out by translating the subtitles to your native tongue!

    Google SEO is more focussed on backlinks, so please spread the link to this video on all the platforms you can think of! Forums, blogs, social media, reactions...stuff like that.

    It is much appreciated.