Gpu plotting rx480 8gb too slow

  • ​Hi

    I have been trying to plot my 2tb internal Toshiba sata 7200 hdd using gpuPlotGenerator but no success so far.

    here is my pc specifications

    Cpu: core i7 7700

    Ram: 16gb ddr 4

    Gpu: Sapphire Rx 480 8gb

    here is the devices.txt

    0 0 8192 64 8192

    here is the start.bat

    gpuPlotGenerator generate direct e:\plots\9966629822613841903_0_7624704_6144

    Unfortunately the plotting speed is too slow it is:

    5954 nonces/minutes

    While my cpu gives me

    12300 nonces/minutes

    Please help me as I want to plot

    4x Seagate backup plus hub 6tb

  • admin

    @amd1361 I'd use Xplotter on the CPU rather than GPU plotting - I got a number of bad plots with GPU. As you're doing Seagate SMR drives, run multiple instances, one per drive, with threads over subscribed - you have 8 threads, run 4 instances each with 4 threads and 2GB RAM

  • @amd1361 said in Gpu plotting rx480 8gb too slow:

    gpuPlotGenerator generate direct e:\plots\9966629822613841903_0_7624704_6144

    Direct mode outputs into a pre-allocated file, fully optimized and therefore with random i/o. The reason you have very low N/min is you're still in the pre-alloc stage - the file is written with all zeroes.

    If you use "generate buffer" the output-file will have a stagger that equals your main-memory-allocation, but is written as fast as it is computed. (most likely your HDD is the bottleneck, then.)

    But this is all in the documentation..