• I know this is a dumb question, but I tried to redeem the c-cex code and I don't know where it went? Not in my wallet, nor in the c-cex wallet. I'm assuming that the c-cex account wasn't activated because it had a zero balance so I tried to make a deposit when there was an issue with generating a burst deposit address. With that said and done, when I tried redeeming the codes, it said it was invalid or redeemed code (?) Redeemed to where? This is my first time trying to redeem something...Am I missing something? Thanks for your time!

  • @chyna88 you already have a burstcoin address in your balances in CCEX? If no go to the balances page find burst and click get a new address then try redeem again...

  • I did that already.....before AND after I deposited into my c-cex account! Where could it have gone? I'm bummed now, coz I have no idea where it went!

  • admin

    Send me your c-cex deposit address and the c-cex code via pm,
    i will check it, and if it is still valid send the burst to your account.
    If not i will tell you, and you should open a ticket on c-cex.

  • Ok thanks, luxe...I already opened a ticket with c-cex....waiting on a response. My c-cex burst address is: BURST-S7FL-M3BX-P2YS-CSU7L There is a balance of 10 bursts from my deposit.. Thanks so much for looking into this! 🙂

  • admin

    I could redeem both of your codes, no idea why it did not work for you. Maybe a browser issue or whatever ... your burst are on the way ...