Resume Xplotter

  • Is there any wrong and right steps that must be made when resume plotting? For exam:

    1. stop plotting with ctr+c and confirm with Y
    2. do not change anything (file name and .config file), only start RunThisAsAdmin and plotting will continue from where it was stopped.

    Is this correct?

    I'm asking, because when I resume my plotting process the filename is renamed and config file parameters for nonces are different.

  • If you specified the starting nonce and the number of nonces, then it should continue plotting the same file.

    However if you set the number of nonces to be zero so that the file fills all available space on the drive, you will need to change the 0 in your .bat file to match the number of nonces, which you can find in the filename of the file which has been created.

  • there might be a small chance that you exit at wrong time. ctrl+c is prefered to close it down when it does not write.