I'm going "read only" on this forum unreliable connections

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    @haitch I've made a change to the firewall which seems to have improved forums performance. Can people please test it out and let me know if it's working properly, or if you're still having issues.


  • i know i have said it before, but im saying there sure is something in common with forum responsiveness and the timing release of a block

  • watching 0-100, when a block is released to about 2.5 minutes after i cant post on forum or load pages.

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    @jaxblack Try it now - there was a setting in the firewall enabled, that I wouldn't have expect to make much of a difference, but with nothing to lose I changed it. And's made a big difference.

    edit: Well it did at the time, that behaviour has reverted again. Back to the hunt .....

  • @haitch I know someone who can help. Why don't you pm me. Expert in stopping attacks etc..

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    @baron It's not an attack issue, and it's not CF. Turns out my connection to the ISP is not what I was told it it was - rather than a symmetric 100/100 link, it's an asymmetric 100/5 link. New line from different ISP, true 100/100 being installed in about a week.

  • is that why when a block is released everything slows down? too much traffic through a bottleneck?

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    @jaxblack Yep - when a block starts, the traffic is maxing out the link, which is only 1/20th of what I was told it was going to be

  • @rds yeah I feel ya. Been having issues with these forums for months now.

    @haitch I appreciate all your effort but I can't even post updates for my asset on these forums anymore, 9/10 times I can't even load up the site. When I do it takes ages to post a reply to any thread. Literally the slowest site I have been on in a loonngg time.

    PS Even writing this reply, took me 4 separate tries, getting the lost connection error every time.

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    @eq I was lied to about the connection - a call to customer service verified that - I'm moving over to a different ISP offering what I thought I had. Please me for the next week and then I will have the proper bandwidth.